Most of us are happy to see 2020 come to an end and look forward to a less stressful 2021. The new year comes with the hope that we will be strengthened by what we have learned about ourselves, our businesses, and our customers during these uncertain times. The new year is a great time to identify new opportunities to grow your business with a few resolutions. Here are five marketing resolutions for 2021 that your business should try.


1. Identify What Makes Your Brand Different

Is your brand facing less or greater competition in 2021?  Understanding how your competition operates will help you define what makes your brand different. Is it pricing? Service? Product variety and quality? Once you identify your compelling selling advantage, communicate it consistently. This can be accomplished through your website, advertising, social media, video content and so much more.


2. Create a Customer Loyalty Strategy

How can you gain additional revenue from your existing clients and keep them loyal? Start with understanding how your clients’ needs have changed over the past year and determine how your service, products, or delivery align to those needs. Chewy, an online pet retailer, saw a rise in online orders due to the pandemic, and as a thank you, they gave customers a portrait of their pets. These recipients will be customers forever!


3. Start a Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Many brands have yet to make the leap from traditional advertising (radio, tv and print) to more targeted and cost-effective online advertising. Many digital (online) ads are pay-per-click (PPC), meaning you pay only when someone clicks on your ad –someone who is already interested in your product or service. As the pandemic has driven many to spend more time online, this may be an effective, low-cost option to acquire new clients or customers. Here are six other benefits to using online advertising.


4. Leverage the Power of Video Marketing

Using video can make your brand more accessible and engaging. Video marketing may be the best solution. By using video your business can:

  • Tell your brand’s story: why it exists and the mission
  • Demonstrate your product or service
  • Offer insights from industry seminars and workshops
  • Conduct interviews with experts in your business or from a strategic partner
  • Share case studies
  • Feature customer testimonials
  • more

According to Hubspot, 90% of customers say that videos help them make buying decisions. Video can capture the attention of customers and lead them directly to your services. Here are a list of video tips we’ve put together. Feel free to also check out our own branded videos to see how video could work for you.


5. Ask for Help

Coordinating multiple marketing efforts while also running your business can be time.  Leave the marketing to the experts! At Electrum Branding, we strive to be your outsourced marketing department. We can help you create a list of effective marketing resolutions and a plan for implementing them on a budget.

Contact the Electrum Branding team today to start on your New Year’s resolutions!