Many brands desperately seek viral videos to help increase brand awareness.  Who wouldn’t want their product video liked and shared many times over?  I mean who can forget the Old Spice Guy (I’m on a horse), Dollar Shave Club (Our blades are F***ing Great), or Felix Baumgartner’s supersonic freefall from 128,000 feet for Red Bull (No words needed).

The fact is, requesting a viral video is easier said than done.  You also must be careful what you ask for.  I’m sure the unsettling video of a bloodied United Airlines passenger being dragged through the plane as fellow passengers pleaded for his dignity which has been aired on every major network and shared on social media countless times – is not the viral phenomenon they wanted.

Instead, it’s become a public relations nightmare as people create anti-United memes and tag social media posts with #NotUnited.

Although most brands will not experience such a public customer service failure or harsh backlash, their customer service slip ups may be losing them customers without them even knowing it.

But that doesn’t have to be.  An antiviral for customer defection exists.

Employee Training
Does your business have core values and/or service standards?  Are they understood and measured?  If your team doesn’t know they’re expected to respond to every customer’s request before the end of the day, you can’t fault them when customers flee to your more responsive competitor.

Customer Service Measurement
What is the true customer experience your team provides when you’re not there?  Are employees more focused on their phones than your customers?  By employing a custom mystery shopping program, you can identify gaps in service delivery and make the necessary improvements to keep your customers happy and loyal.

Customer Feedback Surveys
You may get unsolicited comments from customers who had either a great or lousy experience. But, the customers who don’t share their comments with you are an untapped gold mine of valuable insight. A customer who feels their feedback is valued will likely become a loyal patron – rather than go elsewhere when their experience continues to be less than satisfactory.

Do you need an antiviral to prevent further customer defection?  The customer service measurement and management experts at Electrum Branding have just what you need to create contagiously raving fans.