¿¬«¡ ½¿SGÇ-01An elevator speech, elevator pitch, or 30 second commercial – whatever you want to call it, can often be your opportunity to make a remarkable first impression. But just as often, it can uh…be a rambling uh… bit of uh…nonsensical uh…confusing uh….networking sadism inflicted upon captive audiences by a handful of Marquis de Sades who didn’t prepare prior to the chamber breakfast.

In addition to being an effective way to make it clear to a prospect what you do, how you do it better than the competition, and how your clients benefit – a proper 30 second commercial conveys respect for other people’s time. If you pique their attention, they will ask for more detail. Give everyone the opportunity to first find out what everyone does so we can network judiciously after the event. Do not, I repeat, do not attempt to establish yourself as an accounting expert by reciting your knowledge of the new tax codes – international and domestic – before someone tries to wrestle the microphone from your cold abacus-blistered fingers.

Chamber luncheons, corporate cocktail parties, and even actual elevators can present you with the opportunity to deliver your elevator speech so be prepared. Practice. Practice. Practice…and then deliver it like you’re saying it for the first time.

1. Say what you do and who you do it for.
2. State how you do it better than your competition.
3. Give an example of how your clients benefit from working with you.
4. And, close with an offer or invitation.

For example:
Electrum Branding is a branding agency that helps businesses find, get and keep customers. Although we design clever ads and cutting-edge websites, we’re more than an advertising agency – we’re branding experts focused on cost-effective branding strategies that get results for our clients. We always answer our phones and return emails so contact me if you would like more customers today.

What would happen if you suddenly found yourself face to face with your top prospect who politely asked, “What do you do?” Would you rattle off a laundry list of services rather than benefits? Would you present too much irrelevant detail? Would you talk in circles? Would you forget to ask for his or her business?

Leave nothing to chance and be prepared! With 30 second commercial training from Electrum Branding, everyone in your organization can excel at this communication tool in order to effectively communicate your brand and build business.