Four tips for communicating your mystery shopping program for better resultsWhen a company initiates a mystery evaluation program, they often keep it a secret from their employees. While it is beneficial to keep the program under the radar for a short period to collect baseline data on employee performance, there is no reason to keep your mystery evaluation program a secret forever.

If your goal is to improve the customer experience, communicating your use of a mystery evaluation program to your employees can be used to a company’s advantage!

  1. Reinforcing service standards.
    Employees may have been informed of the company’s service standards on their first day of employment, but that may have been the last time they heard of them. Mystery Evaluation is a great way to revitalize the focus on service and the adherence to those service standards.

2. Creating clear service expectations.
The evaluators evaluation form should be provided to employees so that each employee knows the performance expectations they will be measured against.

3. Recognizing service superstars!
The power of recognition is a prevailing force. If employees know that they have the chance to be recognized in a positive manner, they will likely improve their level of service.

4. Creating positive feelings toward mystery shopping.
Mystery evaluation may be met with resentment from employees who might perceive it as a means for their employer to catch them doing something wrong. However, if the benefits of the mystery evaluation program are communicated upfront with a clear message that it is also a recognition program, a positive opinion of mystery evaluation will prevail.

Just imagine if every employee thought each customer might be a mystery evaluator. Exceptional customer service and customer satisfaction will be at an all-time high! Contact Electrum Branding for a customized program that fits your needs, objectives and your budget.