Without the right salespeople in place, even the most innovative strategies and far-reaching marketing campaigns will be wasted. So when you are hiring or managing your salespeople, how do you know who has what it takes?  The following attributes and practices will bring you the results you want.  And, what better way to solidify your brand than to have the right salespeople representing your business?

Positive attitude.  A positive, sincere attitude can be contagious. So can a bad one. A bad attitude in the group may not destroy the group, but it’s like driving with a flat tire. You can get there, but it will take longer and the ride won’t be smooth.

Desire to improve and learn. Good salespeople should have the drive to become the best at their craft. With the Internet, eBooks, white papers, and podcasts, it’s easy to find relevant sales training. Do your part by providing regularly scheduled training sessions to keep your team’s skills fresh.

Good aim. Your team should be making quality calls rather than focusing on quantity. Targeting the right businesses, pre-call planning, and post-call follow up are critical. Implement a standardized process with easy-to-use marketing materials.

Call documentation.  Salespeople come and go so don’t let them leave with your customer knowledge only in their heads. Create and enforce a policy for tracking customer interactions. Having a record of every phone conversation, meeting and presentation will benefit the salesperson as well by providing a history they can review – which often sparks new opportunities.

Integrity.  Since you cannot be one kind of person and another kind of salesperson, hire ethical people. Your bank cannot afford to have salespeople operating without integrity. The actions of your sales team is a reflection on the entire bank. From day one, communicate a rule to under-promise and over-deliver.

Desire to satisfy. In business, growth comes from recurring revenue from your existing customer base.  Your sales team should be aware of how satisfied your customers are immediately, one month, six months, and one year after the first sale. That means regular and consistent follow-up to ensure your customers’ needs are met.

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