Have you ever considered a job as a mystery shopper, secret shopper, or professional evaluator?  No matter what you call the position, you’ll likely have questions.   As experts in the customer experience measurement and management industry, Electrum Branding has compile a list of Frequently Asked Questions

Electrum Branding is a branding and marketing agency dedicated to building brands from the inside out. The Customer Experience Measurement team at Electrum Branding team advises clients on how to close the gap between the promise of service excellence and its actual delivery though mystery shopping and customer feedback.

Mystery shoppers visit or call businesses and ask questions or shop for products and services. When a shopper completes a shop and an online survey about the experience at the business, they receive a payment, reimbursement, and/or merchandise.

Mystery Shopping is a program that companies in many industries use to measure and improve the quality of the customer service they provide. By using mystery shoppers, companies and businesses gain insight into their team’s customer service performance. They can then reward staff for excellent performance, coach staff to perform better and evaluate staff adherence to company service standards.

Because you will be an independent contractor, you can set your own schedule and hours. Simply select the listed jobs based on how much and how often you want to work.

Great shoppers are detail-oriented, effective communicators, discreet and observant.

Shoppers contracted by Electrum Branding are paid per shop. The amount and type of compensation will be clearly defined when you apply. Evaluators receive payment and/or reimbursement within weeks of completing the shop and submitting the online survey and documentation.

Begin by completing our online application. If you meet all of the requirements and your application is accepted, you will be given a personal ID and password, allowing you access to view available shops and complete online surveys.

Mystery Shopping opportunities are posted on our website. The details about each mystery shop are included in the posting. Once you accept a shopping project, simply complete the shop and the online evaluator survey. You may be asked to upload other required documentation to the Electrum Branding website.

Simply check the Electrum Branding website for available mystery shops. If there are no shops in your area right now, there may be in the near future so check back often. Once your application is accepted and you contract with Electrum Branding to shop, you may apply for any of the available shops listed.

No. There is no “membership fee” or cost to be a shopper contacted by Electrum Branding.

We prefer that shoppers reschedule a mystery shop before asking to cancel it. We realize that sometimes a situation may arise that will keep you from completing a shop. If that happens, please contact us immediately so the shop can be given to another evaluator. Please note: Shoppers with excessive cancellations will be evaluated to determine their eligibility to continue mystery shopping for Electrum Branding.

Are you ready to join our team of shoppers and help businesses improve the quality of the customer service they provide? Click here to complete the application.