In today’s “like and share” culture dominated by social media pioneers Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we have the opportunity to post adorable puppy photos, rave about a new restaurant, or share a good deal we just took advantage of. But like all good things, our honeymoon with social media is over.

Introducing the Hater app. This Instagram-type app was created with the express purpose of allowing users to vent about the things they detest.

Are you arguing with your bank over an unexplained fee? Snap a pic and post it to Hater anonymously. The Hater app allows you to post using a pseudonym so feel free to rant frequently. This must be music to the ears of the almost 8,000 fans of Bank of America Sucks facebook page.

Did you think Oz the Great and Powerful was 127 minutes too long? Take a photo of the marquee and post it to Hater. Those who agree can click on your post, thereby validating your opinion that James Franco is neither great nor powerful.

Like Instagram, users are encouraged to search the photos of things people hate including the oxymoronic “most popularly-hated” things. In addition to posting their photos of the vile and insipid, users can also add a title and caption. And you can be certain that in the heat of the moment, the captions are going to be juicy. “Oh no she didn’t!”

“It’s important to have a conversation about something you dislike. Hating something for change is a big thing,” said app creator Jake Banks says. “Whether the hate is for gun control, traffic every morning on my way to work, or a factory from my corner dumping toxic waste… all your opinions help create a message. Besides, everyone has something they love to hate on.”

How can you be certain that your brand remains absent from Hater? While no business can guarantee to please 100% of the people 100% of the time, it’s critical to gauge customer satisfaction before a negative review goes viral. At Electrum Branding, we provide mystery evaluation and customer satisfaction measurement to identify gaps in service delivery that when addressed can keep your business in the land of the “Liked.”