As of February 2013, Chrome, Google’s web browser, had become the web browser of choice for 50% of the online population. Firefox and Internet Explorer follow with 29.6% and 13.5% respectively. And, just in case you were wondering, Opera, the browser developed from a Norway telecom company’s research project is preferred by 1.8%. They claim to be known for their performance and small size. Is small size really something to be known for? No. It’s not. That’s why no one is using your browser. Just saying.

But, getting back to my point, in order to make Chrome the most reliable web browser, Google is sparing no expense. The company is offering $1 million in prize money for hackers who can exploit any vulnerabilities or bugs. Recently, a Russian student earned a cool $60,000 by revealing a security breach. Prizes ranging from $20K and $60K are being awarded based on the magnitude of the breach identified.

If Google is willing to spend $1 million to ensure that they remain the most reliable and most secure browser, what are you willing to invest to ensure that you remain the best and most reliable option in your industry? For a mere sliver of the tiniest fraction of Google’s $1 million investment, you can implement a brand audit strategy that might identify a gaping abyss in your customer service delivery.

Through brand audits and mystery shopping, you can quickly assess if your receptionist makes a great first impression or is suffering from depression. Find out if your sales team is helpful and knowledgeable or helpless and negligent. Do they follow through or fall off the face of the Earth?

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