During the pandemic, many brands have lost the ability to build their brand in a variety of ways. Showrooms are closed.  Events have been canceled. Personal interaction is practically verboten. Even smiles are now hidden away behind masks. 

So, with branding opportunities dwindling, the need for an elevated communication strategy has never been greater.  However, elevating your brand’s communication does mean to simply communicate more often, but to make each interaction add value, make a difference, and leave an impression.

Of course, these are not normal times. If they were, I wouldn’t be writing this. You’ve got a lot on your plate that didn’t exist a few months ago. So, while you were adjusting to Zoom meetings, drive-by celebrations, and homemade hand sanitizer experiments, we created the following communication tips to help you optimize your communication efforts and keep your brand and customers engaged.


People may have extra time on their hands but that doesn’t mean they want to spend it reading lengthy prose from you. Feel free to cut the first three paragraphs of your message where you explain what the Coronavirus is and what its impact has been. We’ve been there, done that.  Cut to the chase and tell your customers or clients what’s important to them.


If you have nothing to contribute to the COVID conversation, that’s fine. Most brands aren’t expected to be a solution for the pandemic and its problems.  However, you can be a source of entertainment, distraction, or education. Go with your strengths!


During these uncertain times, people are looking for information of which they can be certain. Don’t add to their confusion. If you have special hours or social distancing practices that customers need to be aware of, be sure to update your website, social media, and emails to be consistent.  


It’s a slow time for some brands which can provide the opportunity to make some improvements or enhancements such as ensuring that your website is accessible to all including those with disabilities.  Not only can this increase your website traffic, but it can help your brand avoid a lawsuit as well.  


Do you have customers, employees or vendors who need assistance? Use your platform to increase exposure of industry-related relief efforts. Organize a promotion to encourage your followers to support your endeavor. Call attention to heroes within your industry or market.  


Reach out to your customers or clients. While you are checking in to see how they are doing, don’t be surprised if you identify a new project for your business. Ask how your recent work or project is working out for them. During the conversation, listen for a possible testimonial and quickly secure their approval.


Modesty does nothing to ward off the virus so scrap it.  Now more than ever, you need to promote that you’re still here and open for business. Even if you only promote your assistance with relief efforts, by promoting what you are doing helps increase awareness for the cause.  

As I put the finishing touches on this list, something dawned on me. With the exception of the words pandemic, Coronavirus, and COVID – these communication tips would have been the same in three months ago as they will be one year from now.  So, whether you’re enduring a pandemic or having an epiphany, make sure that your communication adds value, makes a difference, and leaves and impression.