“Sometime a scream is better than a thesis.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

At Electrum Branding, we couldn’t agree more.  A brief and powerful statement will always trump a lengthy and complex one.   So when it comes to your tagline, it should be brief, memorable, and differentiate you from your competitors.

Your tagline should:

  • Offer insight into your business, not be a summary of your business plan.
  • Refer to your product’s key benefit, not a list of product specs
  • Create a lasting impression of your brand, but only as part of a fully-executed marketing plan.
  • Never be written in stone. Just as your business changes, so should your tagline.

Although we cannot take credit for the iconic “Just do it,” “When you care enough to send the very best” and “We try harder,” we pride ourselves on creating some very spot-on taglines for our clients including:

A forensic accounting firm whose expertise has been instrumental in achieving many positive trial outcomes – Strategies from numbers.

A business that leads clients through the intimidating and esoteric industries of hedge funds and insurance –Simplifying the complicated.

An online eyeglass lens distributor who can quickly deliver discounted quality lenses – Our vision is value.

A financial institution that doesn’t want to be considered just a bank, but rather a resource to get ahead – Bank forward.

A consulting firm that helps businesses enhance their bottom line by eliminating the obstacles to going green – Your blueprint for green.

An independent community bank (with a nautical name) that offers many of the same products and services as the big banks – Anchored in your community.  Empowered to take you anywhere.

A wealth management company focused on the unique goals each client may have – What matters to you matters most.

Are you ready to enhance or update your brand message with an effective tagline?  Contact Electrum Branding and Build your brand from the inside out.