When it comes to the art of keeping customers happy and returning over and over, few institutions do it better than Disney. That’s why the Broward County School Board is seeking the help of Mickey Mouse to combat growing competition from charter schools.

The country’s sixth largest school district has paid $40,000 for the Disney Institute to analyze its communication and marketing strategies in an effort to improve how schools treat parents and to bolster its image.

Disney consultants have gathered approximately 1,500 anonymous employee surveys and hosted focus groups with more than 200 employees with a goal to take the findings and work with a consultant as a guide to train and make a positive impact on every level – from teachers to custodians. However, not everyone thinks the money is well spent.

“Disney World is not for education. If you need to learn to treat people the right way, you’re in the wrong business,” said one parent who removed her daughter from public school last year after issues with administrators. “It’s a little sad that the school system has to be trained on basic customer service.”

While it may be too little too late for this parent, the School Board hopes to improve customer service at every touch point with both parents and students to ensure that reading, writing and arithmetic are followed by retention.

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