CX Best Practices

Not having adequate planning before – or appropriate follow up after – launching a customer experience measurement program is almost as bad as not measuring service delivery at all. That’s why Electrum Branding has compiled a list of best practices to ensure that your program delivers a remarkable ROI.

Before you begin:

  • Review your service standards to make sure they still support your brand delivery goals. If you don’t have a clear, written set of service standards, Electrum Branding can help you create them.
  • Make sure that everyone on your team has a copy of your service standards, understands them, knows why they are important, and realizes that they will be measured.
  • Build customized surveys around your organization’s service standards.
  • Measure standards to establish a baseline
  • Introduce all stakeholders to the customer experience measurement program before you begin.
  • Have a recognition plan in place to reinforce and recognize good performance. Let us know if we can help.
  • Provide customer service training to all managers. This critical element lays the groundwork for positive results.

Once you begin:

  • Measure! Measure! Measure!

After your program has begun:

  • Provide individual mystery shop information to each person shopped.
  • Coach employees within two days of receiving reports.
  • Focus on positive behaviors, trends and anecdotal comments rather than on scores.
  • Provide tips for improving behaviors and subjective perceptions.
  • Do not use results to punish, chastise or terminate employees based on scores.
  • Set goals for individual and company-wide improvement.
  • Use mystery shopping to complement customer surveys.

Need help creating service standards, establishing a recognition plan, tips for effective coaching or service training? Contact the experts at Electrum Branding.