Conquer Excuses with Coaching!

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To get the best ROI from your customer experience measurement program, review each survey with the evaluated employee, ideally within two days of receiving the reports. If you’ve coached service behaviors in the past, you may have heard your fair share of excuses to explain poor scores. So we’ve come up with a few responses to popular excuses.

I knew it was a mystery evaluator.
Great! In that case, why didn’t you score a 100%?

We were busy that day and I was rushed.
Although we’re all sometimes rushed, customers don’t care. They want your full attention when they are with you. In their eyes, you can never be too busy to provide them with great customer service.

I always do that (behavior). The evaluator missed it.
If you believe you did something, and the evaluator did not acknowledge the behavior on your survey, it may be likely that, even if you did it, it wasn’t memorable enough to make an impression. For example, if you know you called the evaluator by name, but the evaluator didn’t remember, perhaps you should practice integrating a customer’s name into conversation more frequently and emphasizing the name when you say it.

The objective scores don’t match the subjective scores.
You may have done all the right things, but how you did them and how it made the evaluator feel are equally important. A customer’s feelings are a key factor in whether they will buy from you and return to your business. If you practice using positive language, showing enthusiasm and confidence, and making the evaluator feel valued, you’ll be unstoppable!


Your objective performance was less than satisfactory. However, you made the shopper feel so positive that they are likely to return as a repeat customer. Study our service standards, service requirements and products, and you’ll be a star!

The shopper came in too early. We weren’t ready.
If we are open for business, the shopper did not come in too early. If a customer can walk in, then service has to be measured any time we are open.

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