Independence Day is almost here which means families will soon gather to consume artery-clogging amounts of barbecue, hot dogs, and hamburgers while secretly debating which aunt makes the best potato salad. Cities will launch impressive fireworks displays while someone’s neighbor loses a finger lighting M-80s and dogs everywhere experience PTSD.

Parades, concerts, and retail sales will also be an option for those wanting to celebrate the date that the Second Continental Congress unanimously adopted the Declaration of Independence – AKA Thomas Jefferson’s press release announcing the colonies’ (that’s us) separation and independence from Great Britain.

As my senses are bombarded with everything red, white, and blue, I am reminded of the brave stand our forefathers took to ensure our freedom.  Yet, I am also saddened by how many brands still suffer needlessly under the tyranny of poor branding and marketing.

This Fourth of July, I rally brands everywhere to stand up and declare their brandependence!  Although all brands are not created equal, they all have the right to:


An Effective Brand Strategy

By setting goals, creating an integrated marketing plan, implementing campaigns or promotions and monitoring results you can help ensure a greater return on your investment.


Cohesive Brand Standards

By creating and following a set of guidelines for your colors, fonts, style of photography or graphics, and messaging – you can eliminate brand confusion and build a stronger brand identity.


Eye-Catching Design

In today’s multi-screen environment, the demand for your eyes’ attention has never been greater and attention spans have never been shorter.  Guarantee that your brand is seen with eye-catching memorable design.


A User-Friendly Website

Few things are sadder than getting people to your website only to have them leave immediately once they see your homepage.  Ensure a heightened user experience with a contemporary design, user-friendly navigation, and content that provides the answers and solutions visitors are seeking.  To add even greater access, make sure your website is ADA-compliant and accessible to those with vision and motor impairments.


Engaging Social Media

Let your advertising and collateral do your selling and leverage your social media to shine a light on your people, your corporate culture, and your clients, while establishing your brand as an industry leader that adds value to your followers.


Compelling Storytelling

Facts tell. Stories sell.  Make sure your brand messaging is always focused on telling your brand story from the perspective of your consumer and not your CEO.  Eliminate jargon and specs and instead focus on benefits and value your service or product offers.


Need help declaring your brandependence?  Contact the brand patriots at Electrum Branding for a red, white, and woo-hoo branding and marketing strategy.