What happens when a banker asks his branding agency to make his bank not look like a bank?  In short, angels weep and choirs sing while the creative team breaks into a musical dance number that would make Busby Berkeley green with envy.

But after all the dry ice fog dissipated, the confetti glitter landed, and our tap shoes were removed, we confirmed that we heard our client’s request accurately.  Our disbelief was well founded since in many professional service industries (banking, legal and accounting), the fear of looking unique is paralyzing, but not for this maverick CEO.

As head of a federal savings bank with a new state charter, he was tasked with building a bank in a declining market.  He knew that offering “exceptional service” and a “wide array of accounts and services” would not differentiate the bank nor attract business.  Rather than look like other banks, he wanted to look like Rembrandt toothpaste.   [Insert needle scratching the record sound here]

To clarify, he preferred the bright, bold color palette of the toothpaste brand over the traditional navy blues and dark greens used by many banks.  We had our marching orders:  use bold, bright colors in developing a non-traditional bank brand.  So we got down to business…after a quick reprise of our dance number of course. 

We invite you to check out a few examples of our creative efforts:

Logo and Tagline


You may notice that we don’t look like a normal bank.  And you’re right.
But we’re not only different, we’re better. Welcome to Progress.


Collateral (brochures and folder)

Courier Car Wrap


The bank’s unique approach to banking paid off by exceeding first year goals by 23%.

“With a change in charter and a new name, we were virtually a new bank with a non-traditional model.  We needed a brand image that would make an impact and effectively communicate how we were different.  Electrum gave us a look that got results.”

Tom Rummel
President and CEO, Progress Bank
Tampa, FL

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