A decade ago, few apartments would allow dogs much less go out of their way to accommodate them.

Back then, pet loving renters had a choice. They could either convince their skeptical landlord that their rambunctious Rottweiler puppy was actually full grown or attempt to hide his existence entirely. The former option was impossible and the latter was exhausting – sneaking him in and out in the dead of night for clandestine walks, practically smothering him with a pillow to stifle his barking when the doorbell rang, and making excuses as to why you are unloading an 80 pound bag of kibble from your trunk.

“Please don’t say anything, but it’s for my husband. He’s tried the Atkins Diet and the Grapefruit Diet but with no luck. Now, he thinks he’s on the Purina Diet. Fingers crossed and remember, don’t tell a soul.”

But that’s in the past. When the housing market crashed, many families transitioned from spacious homes with their lush green lawns and privacy fences into apartments with more public spaces for people than green spaces for dogs. OMG, what were Champ, Tango and Bandit to do?

As the rental market continued to grow, the increasingly competitive rental industry began to recognize the influence that Fluffy and Mr. Paddington wielded over their masters’ residential decisions and began to offer a cornucopia of canine comforts. Today, dog owning renters can enjoy indoor heated dog runs and potty stations (popular during the Polar Vortex), dog wash and grooming stations, easy-access ramps for smaller or older breeds, and other pet-focused amenities. For example, at two new Minneapolis buildings, developers installed heated sidewalks that eliminated the need to use salt on icy sidewalks, which can irritate a dog’s tender feet.

So if landlords are willing to go to these extremes to attract and retain loyal tenants, what are you ready to do to make your customers feel like they are “best in show?” It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks. In addition to the goods and services that you already provide, what additional perk would make your clients’ tails wag? Are you thinking about it? Good boy!

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