During a call with a longtime client whose website and brochures we had designed, I was asked if I could recommend someone to design their tradeshow booth. Once I realized that she wasn’t joking, I was confronted with the harsh reality that even our most loyal clients weren’t aware of all the branding services we offer. OUCH!

Nothing stings worse than a branding professional who has failed the most elementary of tasks – telling people what you do and how it can benefit them.  In my defense, it’s not a small list. So, just like primers taught us to read, here’s my attempt to inform the public of Electrum’s vast menu of branding services

Few businesses need all our services, but all businesses could use a few.


A is for ADA Website Accessibility.

Ensure your website is accessible to everyone including those with visual or motor impairments while reducing your risk of a lawsuit.


B is for Branding Strategy.

Optimize your audience’s perception of your brand, measure its effectiveness, and increase the return on your branding investment with a comprehensive branding strategy.


C is for Copywriting.

Allow our Addy Award-winning copywriter to compose effective brand messaging that resonates with your target audience.


D is for Direct Mail.

Target your audience using hundreds of factors from age to zip code, and deliver an offer they will find impossible to ignore.


E is for Email Marketing.

Leverage the cost-effectiveness of this opportunity to reach people where they spend much of their time, online and checking email.


F is for Feedback.

Mine your customers for insight that’s more valuable than gold when it comes to your customer experience with customer feedback surveys.


G is for Graphic Design.

Make sure your brand is not only seen but remembered with eye-catching graphic design.


H is for Homepage Design.

Keep your customers on your website with compelling design, user-friendly navigation and engaging homepage content.


I is for Investor and Public Relations.

Spread the word about your brand through effective investor communications and/or local, regional, or national media releases and keep your investors informed with well thought out communications.


J is for Jargon-Free Messaging.

Communicate with your customers on a level they understand by replacing industry jargon with benefit statements that appeal to them.


K is for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Objectively measure how well your brand awareness measures up by setting KPIs and continuously measuring your progress.


L is for Logo Design.

Lead your audience to perceive your brand as you desire with a captivating logo that visually represents your brand’s unique qualities.


M is for Marketing.

Don’t let your brand wither in the shadows.  Promote its benefits to your target audience through a variety of focused marketing avenues to ensure a strong return on your investment.


N is for Newsletters.

Reach out to your clients or customers with newsletters designed to inform, engage, and shine a spotlight on your brand’s culture and star performers.


O is for Online Advertising.

Take advantage of the highly targetable, readily measurable, easily changeable, and budget-friendly pricing presented by online advertising.


P is for Promotions.

Gain social media followers, boost employee morale, and increase online or in-store traffic with clever, but easily implemented promotions.


Q is for Quarterly Website Maintenance.

Make sure your website works and stays that way.  Even the best and newest websites require theme, plug-in and security patch updates on a quarterly, if not monthly basis.


R is for Reviews.

Since 88% of consumers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations don’t leave anything to chance. Have a plan in place to secure positive reviews and monitor bad ones.


S is for Social Media Strategies.

Be found by your customers where they are already engaging with friends and seeking information by employing a thoughtful social media strategy.


T is for Tradeshow Promotions.

Ensure the best return on your investment with a well-designed booth, banners, displays, palm cards, and branded giveaways.


U is for Unique Value Proposition.

Differentiate yourself from your competition with a unique value proposition that makes it clear your brand is the superior choice.


V is for Video.

Take advantage of the fastest growing trend in marketing and use video to grow conversions, increase open rates, influence buying decisions, and drive traffic to your website.


W is for Website Design and Development.

Elevate your website from an electronic brochure to a dynamic lead generating business development tool with a cutting-edge website design.


X is for Exceed Expectations.

Whether it’s service, responsiveness, selection, value or dependability –be certain you deliver what your customers want consistently and, exceed their expectations at every opportunity.


Y is for Your Customers.

Never lose focus that although it’s your product, your website, and your marketing – it’s your customers’ satisfaction and perception of your brand that matters most so always think of things through their eyes.


Z is for Zeal.

Unleash your inner zealot and focus your energy and enthusiasm toward the pursuit of brand recognition and loyalty.


Although this list doesn’t capture everything we do to help our clients find, get and keep customers, we hope it’s inspired you to take your brand to the next level.  Contact us and let’s get started today.