The Consumer Federation of America surveyed 31 consumer groups who received more than 252,000 consumer complaints in one year. Below are several complaints that crossed industry lines with advice on how you can avoid being an offender.

False advertising
Your “special offer” to get the customers in the door will surely backfire if customers feel duped. Instead, focus on the valuable benefits that only you offer.

Billing and fees
Alerting customers in advance about any rate or fee changes will give you the opportunity to explain the reason for the change. No one likes to be surprised with increased charges for no reason.

Unfinished or shoddy work
The golden rule has never been more appropriate than here. Always provide service and work that you would want to receive yourself. Always under promise and over deliver.

Service problems or billing disputes
Frustration over service or billing issues only escalates when the customer gets lost in a phone maze or is passed from associate to associate. Diffuse their frustration as soon as possible by giving them personal attention and listening to their issue.

Do not send unsolicited emails to people without a connection to you or your business. You’ll only be viewed as an annoyance. The email may be quickly deleted but your attachment to this nuisance will remain with them.

Would your customers say that you were “guilty” or “not guilty” of these charges? How would you know? By asking your loyal customers for their perception of your service, you can identity gaps in your service delivery, benefits you may not have thought to promote, or potential problems to address. Your loyal customers are a wealth of information and all you need to do is to ask for it.

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