Preparing Your Customer Experience for Take Off

In a national customer service study by the Transportation Research Board (TRB), Miami International Airport (MIA) was identified as one of the top U.S airports for customer service. In an independent customer satisfaction survey, 5,000 airport visitors were interviewed over a six-day period and their feedback earned MIA all-time high scores.

So just what did this global gateway serving 40+ million passengers annually do to earn its wings?

U.S. and Canadian citizens can now have their passports processed via a self-service kiosk instead of a customs officer in less than two minutes – reducing wait times by as much as 40 percent.

With almost 16,000 Facebook likes and more than 8,000 Twitter followers, MIA’s social media program engages its audience with travel tips, photo contests, amusing videos, employee profiles and more.

MIA’s free mobile app provides users with a complete guide for parking, ground transportation, dining, shopping and flights in both English and Spanish.

In order to replicate the key behaviors responsible for customer satisfaction, the Aviation Department has an airport-wide Customer Service Reward & Recognition Program that recognizes and rewards airport employees who provide exemplary service to its travelers. The program has proven to be not only a good tool for enhancing morale, but also for encouraging everyone at MIA to provide exceptional service to all airport patrons.

So if MIA can keep 40+ million travelers content, how hard could it be to keep your customers happy and loyal? Are you providing efficient service? Are you engaging your customers? Do you make necessary information accessible? Are you training and rewarding your team? Contact Electrum Branding for a customer experience strategy that will turn customers into raving fans.