woman hand raised, holding gold medal against sky. award and victory conceptThank goodness the Olympics are here!  They come every four years, just when we need a distraction the most.  They grant us permission to set aside our partisan politics and come together – not as democrats or republicans – but as Americans.  We are encouraged to replace finger pointing with fist pumping and name calling with spirited arena-filling chants of U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

For a few weeks, we can focus less on email hacks and super PACS and more on “the final five” and the “duel in the pool.”  Additionally, the Olympic spirit that drives our Olympic heroes also inspires us to become better people.  Gym memberships surge.  Gymnastic coaches become a highly sought-after commodity, and young athletes everywhere begin to believe they can achieve their dreams.

But can the summer games influence our business as well?  What is your business doing to go faster, higher, and stronger?

How responsive is your team?  Do they respond to every call and email before the end of the day, even if it’s just to say they got the message?  Do you have service standards?  Are they followed?  How do you know?

Do you have goals in place and are they being met?  If so, is it time to raise the bar?  If not, what are you doing to identify the problem?  Are you measuring performance? Has your sales force been adequately coached?  Recognized?  Rewarded?

Is your business focused more on acquiring new customers or retaining existing customers?  The answer should be both.  Do you know what your customers are saying about your brand?  Would they recommend you to others?  By engaging your customers, you can turn customers into brand advocates that will remain loyal and do your recruiting for you.

Are you ready to prepare your team to go for the gold?

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