Perfect for Anyone Wanting to Build their Brand and Market their Business

Humorous Observations on Why Marketing Is Best Left to Professionals and Helpful Tips Should You Decide to Go It Alone


Very relevant and timely suggestions, regardless of your business’s focus or industry.

31 chapters covering everything from branding to email marketing, this easy-to-follow guide is a must if you want to stay ahead of your competitors.

The book is made up of mini-vignettes that provide marketing tips and real-life scenarios that will keep you chuckling and learning at the same time.

Easy and humorous read that provides what you need to know!

Fun, funny and insightful. So many business books are rather dry and well, dull. Not “Just Because You Can Cut Your Own Hair…..” Read, laugh and learn.

Mr. Hicks incorporates such fun and humor in his writing while also making you feel like you are having a one on one conversation with an old friend.

Just Because You Can Cut Your Own Hair Doesn’t Mean You Should

The same can be said of marketing, yet people try it anyway. Unlike many professions, such as a lawyer whose expertise might keep you out of jail or a pilot whose abilities deliver you safely to your destination – marketing may seem to be a less risky do-it-yourself project. However, over time, a haphazard execution of an incomplete marketing plan may result in lost sales, decreased brand loyalty and a weakened brand image.

Marketing can be tricky and full of hidden traps and opportunities to make a wrong turn. So if you choose to venture into the marketing maelstrom without a trusted guide – good luck. You’all need it. But if you follow the tips in this book of humorous marketing observations and advice, you’ll be off to a good start.


About the Author

When a classically trained chef is subjected to working in a grade school cafeteria or an artist makes his or her living painting houses, you may get an occasional tater tot flambé or an unsolicited mural – but the end result is likely to be frustration and despair. The same can be said of writers.

Roger Hicks is an award-winning creative writer who must often shelve his conversational, humorous writing style for cold, informative corporate communication. Fortunately, Roger found a creative outlet in writing humorous yet informative blogs for Electrum Branding that educate as well as entertain.

Over the years, his blogs have covered a broad range of branding and marketing topics. But, whatever the subject, the content is always brief, informative, easy-to-read, often times humorous – but always entertaining.

In addition to being Electrum Branding’s President, Roger is an Addy-award-winning copywriter, integrated online marketing specialist and certified social media professional. Although a world traveler (30 countries visited so far), his roots are firmly in South Florida where he lives with his husband Don and their boxer Gidget.