Sales and Service Measurement

Businesses that provide positive customer experiences have higher customer loyalty, more repeat business, more brand advocates, and, as a result, probably spend less on customer acquisition strategies. So how do you best determine what customer experience your people are providing? Become a customer. Or better yet, hire Electrum Branding to conduct mystery shopping for you.

When aligned with other measurement and management tools such as customer surveys and satisfaction studies, mystery shop results can reliably predict customer satisfaction and future sales. Face-to-face, telephone and online shops will help your company focus and improve on the specific behaviors that will create customer delight and positively impact sales and profitability.

Marketing Campaign Analysis

You can spend thousands on media buys, design creative ads, sales collateral and promotional materials, but even the most creative campaign results can easily be hindered without great sales and service skills. Through mystery shopping, Electrum Branding provides clear reports to identify and remedy service gaps to improve campaign communications and sell your products.

Merger and Acquisition Employee Response

Are you merging with or acquiring a new company? A solid brand can be tarnished as a result of less-than-perfect merger or acquisition communications plan addressing the concerns of both employee and customers. Mystery shopping from Electrum Branding will provide you with the measurement tools you need to ensure your brand delivery lives up to your brand standards.

Competitive analysis

What differentiates you from your competitors? Is it price? Is it the products or services you sell? Or is it your brand promise to deliver a better customer experience? Electrum Branding provides a comparison of your competitors’ service delivery with your own. You identify the competitors, we do the rest.

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