In today’s overly informative world, opinions are not only shared with friends but posted online and broadcast to friends of friends on Facebook and complete strangers on Yelp! Therefore, it has never been more important to know what your customers are saying about your products or services.

A mystery evaluation program is an excellent opportunity to determine the level of service your employees are delivering. However, many businesses believe the following myths to be true and forego the investment, thereby putting brand loyalty and customer retention at risk.

Myth #1: We don’t need mystery evaluation because our customers love us and tell us so all the time.
The fact is, you may only hear from customers who had either a great or lousy experience. However, it’s the customers who don’t share their comments with you that could provide the most valuable insight. In fact, a typical business only hears from four percent of its dissatisfied customers.

Myth #2: Mystery evaluation is too expensive.
Retaining a customer is far less expensive that recruiting new ones. And, with Electrum Branding, each mystery evaluation program is designed to meet a specific budget – making it a highly cost-effective means to identify gaps in service delivery and make the necessary improvements to keep your customers happy and loyal.

Myth #3: Mystery evaluation is performed by people who want to get paid to eat and shop.
Electrum Branding has access to certified and experienced evaluators who are committed to reporting on their customer experience thoroughly and accurately. The insight they provide is then reviewed to ensure that it provides information our clients can use to improve their customer service delivery.

Myth #4: Mystery evaluation won’t capture the information I need.
At Electrum Branding, each evaluation survey is completely customized to capture the exact information that our clients need to gather in order to measure service delivery and positively impact customer loyalty.

Myth #5: Mystery evaluation programs need to remain a secret in order to be effective.
Communicating your use of a mystery evaluation program to your employees can be used to your advantage! It ensures that your employees know and understand the service standards that they are expected to exceed. Just imagine if every employee thought each customer might be a mystery evaluation. Exceptional customer service and customer satisfaction will be at an all-time high!

Are you ready to bust these myths? Contact Electrum Branding for a customized mystery evaluation program that fits your needs, objectives and your budget.