How Are You Doing?  If you’re in Florida, don’t ask a doctor.

UBM Medica, one of the largest healthcare media and publishing companies in the United States, surveyed more than 2,000 physician groups across the United States during a three year period.  The resulting Practice Performance Index analysis found that Florida is the worst on collecting patient feedback. More than 38 percent of physician groups do not collect any feedback at all.  (Cue bedpan crashing to the floor.)

Although the analysis gives no reason for the lack of patient feedback, one has to wonder: What’s ailing these healthcare providers?

Customer or patient feedback is a goldmine of insight that can reveal opportunities to business owners or medical practices.  Perhaps they can safely assume that their patients feel that:

  • Their appointments are never on time.
  • The People magazine in the waiting room proclaims that Nick Nolte is the “Sexiest Man Alive.”
  • Phone calls are returned days later.
  • The stethoscope will always be ice cold.
  • And, their options for alternative care are limited.

Despite health plans often restrict choices for healthcare providers, you would think each medical practice would want to provide the best patient experience possible.  The treatment to that outcome begins with a healthy dose of patient feedback.  However, just like brain surgery, customer or patient feedback surveys should be conducted by trained professionals.

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