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The Situation

A $150 million community bank had a new charter and needed a new strategy and name.  They had a new CEO, a new location, a new business model and new associates.  With two locations in an urban market, they were virtually a start-up bank with a limited number of customers.

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The Challenge

With more than 40 competitors in the DMA, all of which offered the same services, we had to make the bank look and act different than others in the market, and create a buzz.

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The Solution

The Bank’s quest for change, growth and shareholder value led us to a non-traditional brand identity for the bank as well as a kick-off promotion that resulted in immediate growth.   We creatively positioned the bank as an organization that thought creatively and rolled out a Crazy 8s promotion using PR, direct mail, industry journals, print and radio.

Progress Bank Ad

The Results

With a non-traditional bank website, collateral and advertising, along with a “Crazy 8s” promotion, the bank received regional recognition and increased deposits by double-digits over the nine-month period. And, 30 second commercial training for the employees ensured the Bank’s new identity was consistently reinforced.

“With a change in charter and a new name, we were virtually a new bank with a non-traditional model. We needed a brand image that would make an impact and effectively communicate how we were different. Our new look and promotions got results.”

Tom Rummel
President & CEO, Progress Bank
Tampa, FL