Most can agree that every color can be associated with an emotion. Using specific colors for your business can be a powerful way to convey your branding message. Whether you want to be conveyed as trustworthy, powerful or peaceful, there’s a color for that. Let’s go through what some colors mean and which brands are using them.


Red can be a difficult color to own. It is the color of anger and danger but also conveys passion, power, excitement, youth and confidence.


Orange is a fun color with a childlike appeal. You can use orange if you want your brand to mean optimistic, bright, warmth, outgoing and friendly.


Green is a positive color signifying growth, generosity, prosperity, peace, balance and growth.


Blue is a cool color that conveys trustworthiness and dependability. It can also signify openness, control and ambition.


The royal color purple can have a sentimental feel. It envokes creativity, originality, compassion, fantasy and respectability.

Color can be a powerful tool for branding your company. First think about what your brand message and tone is and then decide which color to incorporate into your strategy. When it comes to creating brand strategies and logos come to the experts at Electrum Branding. Click here to see how we incorporate and strategize colors into our logos.