Are your service standards straight up or on the rocks?

When it comes to selecting a local bar to spend an evening enjoying a few drinks with friends, it’s doubtful that your decision is based on how regularly the draft beer system is cleansed, how open their management is to your feedback, or whether they have a doorman who will open the door for you with a smile on his or her face.

Granted, we don’t want to patronize a tavern with skunky beer, disinterested management or ill-tempered door staff, but we simply assume these standards are in place and enforced. Unfortunately, that belief is as wrong as dwarf tossing and chocolate martinis.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon one bar’s public announcement of their service standards. While there was nothing truly surprising about the quality and service they promised, having service standards and making them public, illustrated three things to me:

1. Quality service is important to them.
2. Their staff knows what is expected of them.
3. They will do whatever it takes to make me a regular patron.

Although a bar depends on loyal customers just like any other business, we often reserve the need for service standards for more professional businesses. Sadly, too many businesses operate with unwritten, implied and assumed service standards. And if management can’t identify their service standards, it’s doubtful that those responsible for their delivery can either. And, if they don’t know what to deliver, then you can bet they don’t deliver it consistently. So we salute this establishment who set the “bar” on quality service standards.

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