Roger Hicks
Roger Hicks,President

Roger began his advertising career more than 30 years ago when the industry could be summed up in three words: Print, TV and Radio. After five years in the business, during which time he earned two Addy Awards for his copy writing and radio campaigns, Roger began his next career in the non-profit sector.

After 15 years, he returned to his roots only to find that the world of advertising was rapidly evolving. Traditional marketing was dwindling while inbound marketing such as blogging, search engine marketing, search engine optimization, and social media were building momentum.

To effectively keep Electrum’s clients’ brands top of mind, Roger went back to school and completed his Masters Certificate in Integrated Online Marketing, making him our expert in online strategies, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. Recently, as the demand for social media management and monitoring has soared, so did his curiosity so he became a certified social media professional.

In 2019, a compilation of Roger’s blogs was published. “Just Because You Can Cut Your Own Hair Doesn’t Mean You Should: Humorous Observations on Why Marketing Is Best Left to Professionals and Helpful Tips Should You Decide to Go It Alone.” 

Roger is involved in every stage of every client project. When he’s not managing the advertising agency’s busy production schedule, negotiating media contracts, writing copy, creating shareable online client content, or improving search engine rankings, he’s forging relationships with clients. He’s quick with a joke but he’s faster with answers. Electrum clients know he’s the “go to” guy. His humorous, easy-going style is enjoyed by clients but what they truly appreciate is his determination to deliver results – on time and under budget.