DiSC Classic Classic Logo Blue-1The debate over the “perfect” sales style rages on. Two things we know for sure are 1) certain behavioral style traits are correlated with selling success and 2) the best way to measure these sales style traits is to use an objective assessment.

While there isn’t a 100% “right” answer, we can shed some light on what style characteristics make for high performers. Using DiSC® Classic Sales Profile as a sales style assessment, there are predictors for success. An analysis of the personalities of more than 2,500 salespeople who completed the Sales Style assessment reveals important factors that impact sales performance.

Through a series of assessment questions, the traits are used to form 18 patterns. Each member of the sales team receives a personal style report and action plan to improve skills and approach each customer in a way that results in the propensity for more sales.

The personal style report allows your team to understand their communication style, strengths and growth areas, and how to adjust their style to meet the needs of their customer.   Now, this is dissection of one’s personal style may seem like a bunch of baloney to those who have been in business for a while.  However, consider that you may be one step closer to increased sales performance by identifying sales styles using a 15 minute assessment!

Is this just a bunch of hooey and one step away from telling you that Uranus is in retrograde?  Wouldn’t it be good to know what the value of someone with an Inspirational pattern would bring to a customer relationship?  Style and pattern serve as our basic instinct in the way we function. Why not take the time to understand how your sales teams’ styles can be leveraged to increase sales?

If you’re ready to assess your sales team’s style and what they can do to increase sales, contact Electrum Branding. We’ll guide you through years of psychotherapy with one quick survey and facilitate the process so you can help them do the best job they can…. and increase sales.