With the tax filing deadline just weeks away, an audit is the last thing your business wants to contemplate. However, unlike the anxiety-inducing examination of your tax returns, an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) audit is a valuable tool for improving your website’s visibility and viability as a marketing tool, lead generator, and revenue stream.

The simple truth is, unless your business’s taxes were prepared by the Statue of Liberty-costumed sign twirler, standing outside your CPA’s office instead of the professionals inside, your business has little to fear from a tax audit. In fact, your business is more likely to be in violation of SEO best practices than federal tax laws.

So what happens if you website is found to violate SEO best practices? Google once penalized Expedia for posting unnatural links for “cheap flights” on external sites like travel blogs resulting in a 25% drop in its page rankings for travel-related searches. That’s more than a half-million searches!

Elements of an SEO audit include:

  • Benchmarking your business’ current digital presence
  • Comparison against your competition’s digital presence
  • Evaluation of how accessible and appareling your website is to the search engines
  • Identification of penalties your website is currently experiencing
  • Review of your on page-optimization
  • Discovery of linking opportunities
  • Inspection of business profile across search engines, directories and applications

Contact Electrum Branding and request your website audit today.  You have nothing to fear but a better performing website.  No shoebox full of travel receipts required.