social media tips for small businesses

A few weeks ago, Electrum Branding shared the first tablet of our Social Media Commandments – useful tips that ensure your social media presence enhances your brand rather than damages it.

Well, we’re back with tablet two of simple rules that will lead your brand to the Promised Land.

VI. Thou shalt post regularly.
Would you shop in a store whose display windows were empty except for a dusty one-armed mannequin? Probably not. But, that’s the image you are projecting when you set up a Facebook page and never post any updates – uninviting.

VII. Thou shalt engage with thy audience.
If someone takes the time to post a comment to your page, the least you can do is “like” it. It may only take a second, but it shows your followers that you are aware and appreciate them. If a comment happens to be constructive criticism, welcome their feedback and use this open forum to show that you are listening and interested in improving.  If a negative comment is offensive, remove it and offer to address their concern offline while being sure to provide your contact information.

VIII. Thou shalt tag generously.
If you mention another business or follower in your post, do them a favor and tag them. Simply add an @ before their name for the link to their profile or page to appear.  Note: You may have to create the post and then edit it after it is posted for this method to work.

IX. Thou shalt share.
No one is expected to come up with original content all the time. Look to your peers and industry-thought leaders for shareable content. It not only gives you a day off, but shows your followers that you follow industry trends and news.

X. Thou shalt not work independently of marketing.
Make that H.R., community relations and sales, too. Social media is a resource for all departments. Post about career opportunities, new hires and internal promotions. Promote events you are sponsoring or hosting. Post about upcoming sales promotions.

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