Avoid ADA website-related lawsuits! It’s critical to incorporate features that will make your website compliant with the WCAG 2.1, the standard used to measure website accessibility. Even better, transitioning to an accessible website doesn’t have to be costly or time-consuming. Rather than hiring a developer to completely redesign your website, special features can be added to alter your site’s content by using ADA software. Websites with accessible software allow people with disabilities to make your website ADA compliant with one click.

There are a number of software accessibility options in the market today. However, it’s important to use one that comes with the right software features that will make your website ADA compliant. Most software options will add an accessibility menu to your site. This menu allows disabled users to adjust your website’s content based on their needs. They will have access to this menu by either pressing an accessibility button on your site or the TAB button. The adjustment features will only be seen by those using the accessibility menu and can be easily reverted back to normal view.

Here are Software Features That Will Make Your Website ADA Compliant.

Content Adjustments

The best accessibility software will offer content adjustments to those with visual impairments. The menu will allow them to increase the size of text, change the font, emphasize titles and links and use a text magnifier. Word spacing and aligning of text can even be adjusted so that it’s easier to read.

Color and Display Adjustments

You will also want to look for software that allows color and display adjustments. This feature will be useful to those with visual impairments and epilepsy. The accessibility menu will allow the user to invert colors, provide high contrast or saturation and even turn your site’s colors to monochromatic. Users can also single out text, title and backgrounds by changing its color.

Navigation Adjustments

Easy navigation is essential to almost all disabilities. This allows disabled users to successfully navigate and interact with the site. In this section of the accessibility menu, the main menu links are organized, images can be hidden and sounds muted. Your website will become compatible with screen readers, keyboard and letter navigation and allow for cursor adjustments. For example, if the cursor is difficult to see, a user can make it bigger or black.

Electrum Branding offers an easy, cost effective software solution to make your website accessible. Try it for yourself,  and click the blue accessible button on the lower right of your screen to use the accessibility menu and adjust our website’s content. Contact us today to make your website ADA compliant!