Marketing trends are constantly changing and evolving. Luckily, here at Electrum, we always stay up to date on the best ways to market your business. One of the newest additions you should add to your promotional toolbox is video marketing. According to wyzowl, 85% of consumers are already expecting you to give them video content. Video is an easy way to digest information about your company. You could use video to establish your brand or explain how to use a new product or service. To make it easy, we’ve compiled a list of tips for branding videos. These same tips have been used for our own branded videos.

Are you still not convinced to use videos for your business? Below are five powerful video statistics that may change your mind.

Five Statistics That Will Convince You to Use Videos for Your Business - Infographic

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Five Statistics That Will Convince You to Use Videos for Your Business

84% of people say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video.

82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from online video by 2022.

8 out 10 people have purchased a piece of software or app after watching a brand’s video.

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

64% of consumers will make a purchase after watching branded videos on social platforms.

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