Marketing Strategy

Whether you’re a start-up, emerging or seasoned high performing business, customer acquisition is the hallmark of growth.   The Electrum Branding team has the expertise to help your business set goals, create an integrated marketing plan, implement campaigns or promotions, monitor results, and, most importantly, calculate the return on your investment.

Electrum Branding acquisition and retention programs are designed to attract, retain and expand your customer relationships.  To improve your ROI, Electrum will:

  • Identify the right prospects – Target!
  • Create a unique value proposition
  • Design an attention-grabbing look and message
  • Evaluate media options for efficiently reaching the right audience
  • Setting a budget based on anticipated outcomes
  • Train your sales team
  • Measure  everything – even service
  • Ensure that follow up process is in place
  • Measure fully loaded costs to calculate ROI

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It’s no longer acceptable to plan or place a media plan based on an educated guess. Electrum Branding uses a set of premier tools to conduct market research to formulate messaging, media mix and targeted marketing tactics. Our research capabilities allow you to better understand your geographic market and identify niche opportunities. And, by analyzing your customer database, we identify the high-potential demographic and psycho-graphic profiles, then target other consumers who are not yet customers but exhibit the same characteristics. This allows us to craft our messaging differently to each segment based on how they are most receptive to receiving marketing messages.

We handle everything internally from beginning to end – research, planning, negotiating, placement, invoice verification and post buy analysis.