Build your brand from the inside out. Begin with your people. They deliver the brand message that solidifies your image. Whether it’s good communication, refined elevator speeches, superior service delivery, quality sales skills or coaching team members, Electrum delivers brand-building training and developmental programs that will give you tangible results.  Our Branding seminars and training programs are designed to focus on people-to-people interaction that ultimately impacts the customer experience.

Training and Development Workshops

Building a brand is more than just a memorable logo and creative advertising. It is also dependent upon delivery… what customers experience when they come in contact with your organization. Does your culture support your brand? And, do you consistently deliver the message at every touch point?

DiSC Classic 2 Plus - EPICThe foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding yourself, understanding others, and realizing the impact of personal behavior on others. The way people in your organization communicate can either solidify and reinforce your brand, or negate what you aspire to build. The first step is to understand your personal behavioral style. Everything DiSC® provides feedback designed to help your organization:

  • develop employees
  • build productive teams
  • train a powerful sales and service team
  • identify your organization’s behavioral style
  • build your culture

No matter what your service standards, it’s all about how your employees deliver the promise… whether serving the customer or serving those who serve the customer. What type of promise do you give your customers? Is it a written agreement with time constraints and fine print or is it your word, your promise, your honor? And, how do you deliver that promise… through internal functions that support the brand or on a wing and a prayer? At Your Service will help you become proficient in identifying the processes that are critical to supporting your brand and will provide the service tools your company needs to deliver your promise. Meet and exceed service expectations instead of using statements that begin with “I’m sorry.” Excuses lose customers and damage your brand. Be bold. Deliver your promise. At Your Service will help your employees:

  • understand service standards and expectations
  • identify critical behaviors that support the promise
  • turn a complaint into a “wow”
  • be confident in their ability to retain customers

Gain the competitive advantage and improve the effectiveness and adaptability of every member of your sales team. We’ve all experienced aggressive product push and attempts to close before the relationship and trust has been built. Using DiSC® Classic and understanding customer behavior as a foundation, Selling with Style helps both new and experienced salespeople learn the six critical selling steps and to:

  • connect with the customer
  • keep the focus on customer needs
  • create and maintain relationship-based sales
  • meet sales goals by developing competencies in a wide variety of selling situations
  • reduce direct sales costs by increasing sales effectiveness
  • close more business
  • wow the customer!

training-elevatorAn elevator speech, elevator pitch, or 30 second commercial is your opportunity to make a remarkable first impression. Don’t let your introduction be networking sadism inflicted upon the people you meet. Learn the most effective way to make it clear to a prospect what you do, how you do it better than the competition, and how your clients benefit. If you pique their attention, they will ask for more detail. Chamber luncheons, corporate cocktail parties, community events, or an actual elevator – an opportunity to deliver your 30 second commercial can present itself at any time to:

  • say what you do and who you do it for
  • state how you do it better than your competition
  • give an example of how your clients benefit from working with you
  • close with an offer or invitation

Using social media to promote your brand and develop new business enables your company to communicate with customers, prospects and employees like never before. By having an online presence where these audiences are already interacting with friends or seeking information, you can build or enhance existing relationships by sharing information, providing feedback, addressing complaints, and highlighting your company’s culture.

Using social media to increase your reach and ultimately get new business relies on active involvement.  Learn about your company’s social media platforms, the value of using social media, how it can promote your brand and increase business.  With guided practice, this hands-on workshop will address:

  • The dos and don’ts of posting to your business page
  • Leveraging social media as an effective business development tool
  • Safeguards to protect your brand
  • How to  exponentially increase your brand’s visibility
  • How weekly interaction with contacts can result in new business

training-successHow do you improve performance, sustain training and reinforce behavior that makes your team even more productive in delivering your brand? Coaching for Success will help your managers make coaching a daily part of their management activities, reinforce the behavior required for communicating with customers, and build confident employees, ready to effectively demonstrate behaviors that support your sales and service standards. The course will communicate how to:

  • use a coaching model to make coaching session fast, efficient and powerful
  • document coaching sessions that can be used to set goals for improvement
  • create a positive learning environment
  • eliminate feedback as a negative experience
  • create high performing teams through positive reinforcement

training-tradeshows“I don’t like trade shows. I’ve never gotten any business from them.” If that has been your experience, then you either haven‘t gone to the right shows or you haven’t had the tools to maximize your results. Learn to use a fast rating system to qualify your leads, follow up and get results. From booth promotions to post-trade show follow up, get the most out of your time and investment. Learn to use the QUICK presentation – the cornerstone of the trade show sales presentation:

  • pre-show preparation
  • qualifying prospects
  • understanding and identifying their needs
  • post show follow up
  • show ROI

Leadership Team Workshop
Every business and every team has a unique set of values determined by personalities, customers, goals, and the company’s vision and mission. Electrum’s goal is to help you identify your company’s vision and mission, and the values that your team will consider the guiding principles of your organization. The first step is to select the leadership team that will create the organization’s vision, mission and values. The workshop will include:

  • Seeking a Solution
  • Brainstorming
  • Developing a Vision Statement
  • Developing a Mission Statement
  • Identifying Core Values
  • Personal Core Values
  • Core Values List
  • Sample Companies
  • Selecting Final Core Values

Vision, Mission, and Values Employee Workshop
Every team member will have the opportunity to take part in the Vision, Mission, and Values workshop to ensure the organization’s values are integrated into work style, decision-making and culture. Employees will have the opportunity to assess their own adherence to the company’s core values.

Keeping it alive
Electrum will include collateral to ensure effective communication and reinforcement of core values, and then create ongoing internal promotions to reinforce over time so they become a living part of your organizational culture.

“We selected Electrum to design our materials not only for their design talent, but for their knowledge and contacts within the industry. They have referred strong candidates to us and a strong team will play a vital role to our success.”
Keith Costello
President & Ceo / Broward Bank of Commerce, Fort Lauderdale, FL
“The focus of our rebranding effort was to successfully highlight our 30 years of dedicated personal service while presenting the firm as modern and forward thinking.”
Gerald Greenspoon
Co-founding Shareholder / Greenspoon Marder
“Electrum has provided everything we need to build our brand and grow the bank. Their advice on targeting defined markets has helped us focus our efforts and give us the biggest bang for our buck.”
Dennis Bedley
CEO / Legacy Bank, Boca Raton, FL
“The Electrum team provides expert advice, pays attention to our financial goals and is on time and on budget for every project. We consider them a partner in our growth plan.”
David Bridgeman
President & CEO / Pinnacle Bank, Orange, FL
“My experience working with the Electrum team has been excellent. They are creative, efficient, effective, and continuously exceed my expectations with every project assigned to them. I truly feel that they have been invaluable to Marquis Bank and our branding strategies.”
Javier Holtz
Chairman & CEO / Marquis Bank
“We’ve been pleased with the communication, efficiency and quality of work that we’ve experienced with Electrum Branding. Everything we’ve needed, they’ve done well!”
Jill Evans
VP Marketing / San Antonio Citizens Federal Credit Union, San Antonio, Florida
“Flexible, responsive, professional, punctual and passionate. That is Electrum Branding. Every request made to the Electrum Team has been met with creativity and a flair for keeping our business TOP OF MIND. Electrum Branding has become very familiar each facet of our operations and has tailored every branding effort to meet the needs of each entity.”
Brian Thomason
Vice President / Bergeron Family of Companies, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
“Electrum’s expertise in the financial services industry enabled them to analyze our market, customers and target markets, and then develop a comprehensive marketing plan that optimizes the ROI on each marketing dollar.”
Bill Penney
President & CEO / Marine Bank & Trust, Vero Beach, FL
“Electrum has provided everything we need to build our brand and grow the bank. Their advice on targeting defined markets has helped us focus our efforts and give us the biggest bang for our buck.”
Dennis Bedley
Chief Executive Office / Legacy Bank of Florida, Boca Raton, Florida
“I worked with the Electrum team on past projects and the quality of their work was impressive. So when we were ready for brand development, I knew who I needed to call.”
Jose I. Marrero
Partner / MRW Consulting Group, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
“Electrum provides full-service marketing, with a clear understanding of commercial and retail banking for the cost of a marketing generalist.”
Anthony Gautney
Executive Vice President / First Southern Bank, Boca Raton, Florida
“The Electrum team provides expert advice, pays attention to our financial goals and is on time and on budget for every project. We consider them a partner in our growth plan.”
David Bridgeman
President & CEO / Pinnacle Bank, Orange City, Florida
“Thanks to Electrum, Farmland Foods experienced the best product launch ever. The results of their efforts are measurable.”
Jeffery Schaumburg
Regional Manager / Farmland Foods, Kansas City, MO
“We selected Electrum because of their reputation throughout the banking industry and the solid results that we have seen them deliver to our mutual clients. They have consistently provided expert advice and professional input through the creative process.”
Tony Coleman
President & CEO / AaSys Group, Thonotosassa, FL
“Electrum created a memorable corporate identity, an e-commerce solution and integrated marketing to kick-start us into immediate sales.”
Dr. Ronald P. Snyder
CEO / Eye Source LLC, Boca Raton, FL
"The service from Electrum outshines the service I received from our previous agencies. Electrum's team is responsive, creative and knowledgeable. Best of all, we love our new website."
Jeff Cato
"Our partnership with Electrum couldn't be more successful. Our website, like everything Electrum else created for our integrated marketing program, reflects our brand while driving new business to the bank. From strategic planning to full-implementation, they handle everything seamlessly and continually present fresh ideas and recommendations. And, because of their financial services experience, we truly value their expertise."
Joseph B. (Jay) Shearouse, III
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer / First Bank of the Palm Beaches
"I’m proud to work with Electrum Branding! They created a beautiful website for my campaign and really captured what I am up to!"
Jane Bolin
Candidate for Oakland Park City Commissioner
"Electrum Branding's approach to branding Houser Financial Group was creative, responsive and prompt. The Electrum team understands how to brand and grow business! "
Steve Houser
"Electrum Branding designed a website that embodies the Hunters brand perfectly. It's sophisticated, current, professional, sleek, inviting and engaging. Plus, their team is proactive in making updates and they respond to our requests within minutes - not days. And, their social media efforts have increased our followers 11 percent in just six months."
Bruce Howe
General Manager / Hunters Nightclub Wilton Manors