Website accessibility is not a new concept. The courts added websites to the Americans with Disabilities Act in 2010. Nine years later, there are still many misconceptions about the topic. Because of this, many website accessibility myths have arose and with so many non-compliant websites in existence, the number of ADA-related lawsuits continue to rise with no signs of slowing. Even big named brands and celebrities like Dominos Pizza and Beyoncé  have been under fire over their websites not being ADA compliant.

Allow us to debunk four website accessibility myths that may be preventing you from making your website accessible.

Accessible websites are ugly and boring.

One of the common website accessibility myths is that accessible websites are ugly and boring. Website accessibility software can be fully customized to match your current website’s style and interface.  You can have images and videos on your website as long as the content is still accessible to those with disabilities. That means providing alt-text for images, transcripts for videos and other adjustments needed.

Accessibility is only beneficial to blind people.

Blind people are not the only people with disabilities who use a computer. See how accessible websites accommodate a variety of disabilities including motor and Cognitive impairments.

There are no additional benefits to having an accessible website.

Although avoiding potential lawsuits is driving many businesses to make their websites ADA-compliant, it can also improve usability, branding, SEO and more.

Making your website accessible is time-consuming and expensive.

Yes, hiring a developer can be expensive and could take months to complete. Fortunately, there’s a more cost effective and quick solution.  AvenueADA is a website accessibility solution that is simple, affordable and can make your website compliant in a matter of days. Our software is powered by artificial intelligence that ensures that all web features are ADA compliant by scanning the site daily.

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