doctor-zoeDo you suffer from Selfie Elbow? Text Claw? iPad hand?  Although these are not official medical diagnoses yet, reports and studies are beginning to surface describing the consequences our obsession with our tech devices and the havoc repetitive motions and overuse can cause to our hands, fingers and elbows.

This motivated the Brand Doctors at Electrum Branding to release our own report on recent brand-related conditions that seem to be appearing with greater frequency and their possible treatments.*

Brand Blindness: Thinking that your brand consists of your logo, your newspaper ad or your website while it is actually none of those things.  Your brand is the impression left in the minds of your prospects and customers at every touch point including how your employees answer the phone and the cleanliness of your bathrooms as well as the quality of your product and the efficiency of your service.

The cure: Implementing a mystery shopping program can provide objective insight that will enable you to improve on the specific behaviors that increase customer satisfaction, sales and profitability while eliminating actions that are deterring repeat business.

Marketing Instinct: The belief that because you know what commercials you like and can identify a print ad when you see one, that you can develop and execute a fully realized brand strategy.

The cure: Hire a professional.  You wouldn’t cut your own hair or perform your own surgery, so why entrust how you communicate your services to your target audience to your receptionist or human resources department?  The money invested in a professional should more than pay for itself.  If not, you hired the wrong professional.

The Response You Want v. The Response You Need: Being complacent with the handful of positive customer feedback cards and assuming the other 99% of your customers feel the same.  Don’t wait to find out about customer dissatisfaction by reading negative online reviews.

The cure: Customer feedback surveys can discover opportunities to create loyal customers and raving fans from merely satisfied customers.

Focus Group of One: Using your own opinion as a case study.  For example, you don’t use Snapchat, therefore, no one uses Snapchat. Just an FYI: As of August 2017, the app had 173 million active users, with 3+ billion snaps sent every day.

The cure: Research.  Find out where your audience is gathering information that influences their buying behaviors and build a presence in that space.  Again, hire a marketing professional.

The Brand Doctor is in and ready to see you.  Contact Electrum Branding for help with these and any brand-related ailments your business may be experiencing.

*No bull terriers were harmed during these studies…just slightly exasperated.