Electrum Branding is celebrating 20 years of helping its clients put their best brand forward with a fresh rebrand that takes a look backward. The agency’s striking new logo embodies the timeless charm of the 1950s with its use of two mid-century fonts and a vibrant two-color palette reminiscent of the era. If the logo is a nod to that era, the website is a romanticized homage to fictional Madison Avenue advertising agencies such as Sterling Cooper of “Mad Men” or McMann & Tate from “Bewitched.”

Business partners president Roger Hicks and vice president and creative director Tom La Badia grew up in the 60s and 70s and share a profound appreciation of mid-century style. “The clean lines, geometric forms, and retro style of that period evokes an emotion in both of us,” said Roger Hicks. “We’re using nostalgia to tell the story, albeit ironically, of our forward-thinking agency. Our goal is for visitors to have an emotional connection to our site and want to stay a bit longer and read one more blog or check out another design portfolio.  A perfect example of our site’s irony is its imagery  which is mid-century-inspired, yet it is all generated by AI.”

Electrum Branding was founded in 2004 by former banker Ellen Schlafer. The agency specialized in branding newly chartered banks with corporate identity packages, sales collateral, websites and more. Within a few years, Electrum Branding would launch 21 bank brands and earn a spot on the South Florida Business Journal’s Top Advertising Agencies (based on gross billings).

Although the agency still works with several banks, its client base has grown to include construction, non-profit , franchises, entertainment, legal, insurance, and marine services.

“Regardless of the industry or the services needed, our goal is the same,” continued Hicks.  “For our clients to consider us their marketing department that’s right down the hall and ready to provide quality work at a moment’s notice.”