Our Expertise

Strategic Marketing

Even the most creative campaigns will fail if not deployed strategically. That’s why we focus on your bottom line rather than a clever headline. Our experts will help your business set goals, create an integrated marketing plan, implement campaigns or promotions, monitor results, and calculate the return on your investment….oh, and you’ll get a clever headline, too.



Branding is not what you say about your business. It’s what your customers say. However, you can make it easy for them to say all the right things if you follow a strategic branding plan. But wait! There’s more! Not only will your brand strategy optimize how your brand is perceived, it can also differentiate you from the competition, streamline your delivery of products or services and increase the return on your investment.


Graphic Design

Competition for attention has never been greater. I said COMPETITION FOR ATTENTION HAS NEVER BEEN GREATER. That’s why we take your brand strategy and package it in an eye-catching graphic design created to stand up to today’s multi-screened, overly stimulated audiences and keep their attention long enough to get your message across.


Web Design & Digital

Your website is often the first impression many people get of your business.  Remember that time your website had spinach in its teeth and its fly was down?  UGH.  Our website design and development team will ensure that your website’s content is current and relevant to your audience, responsive and mobile-friendly, and optimized for search engines so you can be found online.


Social Media

Social media may be free, but don’t treat it as though it has no value.  If you’re going to have a social media presence, make it a positive one.  A neglected social media page sends the same message as a store front window display featuring a dusty one-legged mannequin lying on its side – uninviting (Unless you’re into that sort of thing.)  Allow the social media experts at Electrum Branding to create a social media strategy that will increase brand recognition, consumer engagement, and employee advocacy.


ADA Accessible Websites

Litigation against businesses with non-ADA-compliant websites is on the rise.  Fortunately, Electrum Branding offers a simple, cost-effective software solution that ensures that your website complies with WCAG 2.1, the court-recognized standard for evaluating website accessibility.  Website Accessibility is not only the RIGHT thing to do, but by making your website accessible to the millions of people with vision or motor impairments, it’s also the SMART thing to do.


Case Studies

At Electrum Branding, it’s all about our clients.  But occasionally, we have to take a second to toot our own horn, pat ourselves on the back, puff out our chests, brag, boast, crow and grandstand.  Guess who just got a new thesaurus?