The advancements in smartphone video shooting capabilities…

An abundance of free time caused by 2020’s pandemic lockdown…

People getting used to seeing themselves on camera thanks to Zoom…

The popularity of video platforms such as TikTok…

The list of reasons for the rise in DIY video postings over the past year goes on and on. Regardless of the cause, the popularity and the power of video has been embraced by individuals and brands alike, and for good reason.

According to Financial Express:

  • Adding videos to landing pages can spike conversion rates up to 80%.
  • Viewers who encounter a video on the site tend to stay longer and are 64% more likely to convert.
  • Over 80% of customers admitted that being exposed to a video influenced their purchase decision and automatically helped brands generate a higher conversion rate.
  • On social media, videos are shared more than images and texts combined.

If you’re ready to jump on the video bandwagon, review this checklist before you hit the record button.


Select a setting that enhances rather than distracts from your message (i.e. don’t discuss retirement accounts while standing outside of a rave or legal services from a petting zoo).  Bonus tip: No message, no matter how compelling, can compete with a baby goat.


Unless you are in the witness protection program, pick a setting that is well lit and avoid backlighting. If there’s natural lighting, be sure to face it.

Sound Interference

Select a quiet space far from the sound of traffic, construction, telephones, and, for Pete’s sake, turn off the TV and /or radio.


Like your setting, your wardrobe should enhance your message rather than distract from it (i.e. no yoga pants while explaining tax laws or sequined anything while discussing healthcare disparities.) You may not have a stylist, but you can be confident in your choice of bright colors or jewel tones while avoiding all white, all black, busy prints and patterns, shiny fabrics, noisy jewelry, and logo-branded clothing (unless you want to discuss possible copyright infringement).


To avoid loss of revenue, having your video muted, or removal of your video completely, use only royalty-free music.


Before you begin, ask yourself if your message has value for your followers, customers or prospects.  If not, focus on something that does.


If your message is worth recording, it’s worth doing properly.  Have an outline prepared so you know what you want to say. You can even prepare a script so you know exactly what you want to say, however, don’t look down and read it word-by-word from index cards.  Don’t be afraid to shoot multiple takes until you get it right – it’s digital, not 35 mm film.


Start by introducing yourself including your title and business. Then tell your audience what you’re going to tell them and why they should care.  Next, make them care.


Be animated and compelling from the start.  You only have a few seconds to engage your audience before they decide to continue watching or click on another video.  And, with dozens of video thumbnails occupying your screen, the temptation to click elsewhere is high.


If your content is of value, go as long as it takes. But, don’t equate length with importance.  Be considerate of your audience’s time and aware of all the competition for their attention. Squirrel!

Call to Action

There are few greater sins than piquing people’s interest and then leaving them hanging.  End your video with a clear call to action.  If you want them to call or email you, consider adding your contact information to your video or put it in the accompanying caption when posting on social media.

Ready to yell action and begin driving traffic, increasing conversions and influencing purchasing decisions? Contact the branding experts at Electrum Branding and put the power of video to work for your brand.