outsourced-marketingWhen you need a ride to the airport, do you brush the dust off of your chauffeur or do you call Uber? 

When you’re entertaining, do you pull your chef away from the Hell’s Kitchen marathon he’s been watching until such an occasion arose or do you call a caterer?

When you’re ready for an adult night on the town without the kids, do you leave the kids with your au pair or do you hire a sitter?

Unless your personal manservant is reading this blog to you, chances are it’s the latter option for each scenario.  It’s called outsourcing and it makes sense.  It also makes dollars and cents as you’ll see below.  And, what works in most homes will work for most businesses as well.

Today, a typical small business requires the following skills to successfully brand and market its services:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Copy Writing
  • Customer Service Measurement
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing Plan
  • Media Buying
  • Public Relations
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media
  • Website Design and Development

As a business, you have four options:

  1. Attempt to find someone who is expertly adept at all of these services and then sit back and watch his or her outrageous, although deserved, salary eat away at your profits.
  1. Staff your marketing department with a diverse team of specialists who will spend much of the day sitting idle waiting for their moment to shine. Let’s face it, a team could handle your simple branding needs well before lunch, leaving plenty of time to stream the latest Netflix offering at the expense of your HR budget and office bandwidth.
  1. Hire a marketing generalist who knows just enough to know that he or she needs outside help for certain projects and, before you know it, five different vendors are telling your brand story. Ever play the game telephone when you were a kid?  Your brand messaging will likely be as consistent or effective.
  1. Outsource your branding and marketing needs to a full-service agency that can be there when you need its services and off-the-clock when you don’t. Let the agency absorb the cost of continuous improvement and education.  Permit the agency to make you aware of opportunities to creatively tell your brand story.

In addition to the expert talent, significant cost-savings, and brand consistency that come with outsourcing to a full-service agency, you also enjoy the convenience of a one-stop-shop v. multiple vendors.

As a full service agency, the Electrum Branding team prides itself on our focus on each client’s peace of mind and bottom line.  Our goal is to provide the brand strategies required for our clients to effectively acquire new business, retain customers, increase revenue and grow profitability.

Consider us the Uber of ad agencies!  Just like Uber, we’re:

  • The best way to get wherever you’re going. Our goal is to help you succeed on time and under budget with a remarkable ROI.
  • Always on, always available. We are responsive and tend to over-communicate. You will never question the status of a project.
  • You rate, we listen. As CX measurement and management experts, we live and breathe by our service standards.
  • There’s a ride for every price and any occasion. Monthly retainer, project-to-project, or a hourly rate – we work around what it best for you and your budget.

Ready to give your marketing a lift?  Contact the branding experts at Electrum Branding.