At Electrum Branding, we excel at crafting brand messaging for our clients that effectively conveys the value proposition their customers can expect and enjoy.    For some, it’s a memorable dining experience, for others, it’s exceptional customer service, unparalleled industry knowledge, or a cutting-edge solution to an age old problem.

While we certainly have clients possessing easy-to-market attributes, leading them to a simple brand message is not always easy.    As they say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him tell you why in 10 words or less.

Passion Brut
The Passion Brut is so convinced that his product is so spectacular, he assumes that everyone else shares his passion and yearns to know more.  And why wouldn’t they?  It’s a robe AND a blanket! Seriously, while we dream of one day landing the Snuggie and/or Slanket accounts (anyone else tingling?), we always recommend that “creating interest” always precede “conveying information.”

What the Spec?
Other clients are so proud of their products’ technical capabilities that they confuse a laundry list of product specifications with actual benefits.  It is then our job to find the Benefits in the List – much like Dian Fossey and a remote pack of primates.    We study the product in action, find the lead silverback, I mean benefit, and build our message around that.

Maybe the Lingo Ate Your Baby!
Then there are clients so entrenched within a particular industry that they assume that everyone speaks at least a bit of their jargon.  WRONG!  SEO, APY, RDC, API, and LTV are not benefits, they’re acronyms.  Your brand message should be written for your consumers and not for your colleagues.

There is no U in Benefit.
Some clients have a very rich history of success.  That’s great, however, content should not be about you, your business or your industry.  It should be about your consumer, their lifestyle and their aspirations – how you make their life better, play a vital role in their lifestyle, and help them reach their goals.

A few rules to follow when creating brand messaging that resonates with your customers and incites action:

  • Use simple honest language that creates interest, not information overload
  • Write to impress your consumer and not your CEO
  • Replace confusion jargon with clear benefits
  • And, inform your customers how your product will make their life infinitely better.

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