Email marketing is inexpensive and can be generated quickly and often.  However, unless you approach it with the same thought and attention as an expensive multi-media campaign, you will get exactly what you pay for…very little.  Be prepared to put in a little work if you want to get results.

Treat Your Database Like a Vending Machine.
If you want to get something good out of your database, you better be putting something good into it.  Complete contact information for your clients, prospects, referral sources, and strategic partners that are coded so that emails can be targeted = a healthy fruit and fiber bar.  An excel sheet full of uncoded emails that was last updated in 2009 = a dusty bag of Funyuns stuck on the coil that refuses to drop.

Don’t Incite.  Be Insightful.
Your message should be appreciated, not abhorred.  Don’t be a salesperson.  Be a resource.  Use email marketing to provide clear tips that add value for your clients or prospects.  

In the inbox, size matters.
Your message should be brief, but always include a link to your website for the voracious reader who just can’t get enough of your industry wisdom.

Bonjour mi Amigos
Make sure you are sending the right message to the right people by properly coding your database.    Your loyal longtime customers might be outraged to get an email offering deep discounts to new customers only.

What’s Your Sign?
Just like a bad pick-up line, an ill-conceived subject line will turn off your reader.  Your subject line should promise short, digestible information that is likely to be of interest.

No One Likes a Yahoo
People are less likely to open an email if they don’t recognize the sender.  Be sure to use an email address from your company’s domain.  An AOL or Yahoo address hints that your company is small-time.

Do You Have Post-Email Disorder?
Do you hit send and never look back?  Check your email reports to see how many were opened.  Conduct A/B Testing on subject lines and send times to determine effectiveness.  Correct or delete bad addresses.

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