If you are like the Electrum Branding team, you do your very best to ensure that your customers are satisfied. Actually, at Electrum SATISFIED is the low end of the scale opposite MANIACALLY CONTENT – but that’s a blog for another day.

You must, of course, realize that you will not always succeed at achieving optimum customer satisfaction. But when you do, seize the opportunity and put your customer’s euphoria to work for you.   Carpe testimonium – or seize their testimonial (loosely translated) immediately!

Why testimonials?

  1. They set your business apart from the competition. If a prospect compares your print ad or website against your competitor’s and all things are practically equal (Have you seen the print ads for tires or mattresses?), a heartfelt testimonial could tilt the scales in your favor.  Let’s face it, if someone took the time to vouch for your service or product, it must be stellar, right?
  1. It’s good for your client’s business as well. When asking for a customer’s testimonial, offer to include his or her business affiliation along with their testimonial on your promotional materials.  If possible, illustrate how your exceptional product or service enabled them to improve their service delivery.   Now, you’re both winners!   OMG – this just keeps getting better right?
  1. You may learn something. You may think you know why your customer uses your services, but often a few open-ended questions such as “Why do you continue to use our services?” and “What do you like best about our services?” might be an eye-opening moment for you.   You may think they appreciate the extra cheese you put on their sandwich only to learn it’s your quick service and convenient location.  UGH!  Think of all that cheese you’ve wasted!  By promoting the benefits that happy customers enjoy, you can attract more happy customers and drive revenue.
  1. Ask them to refer business to you. Strike while the iron’s hot.  If they’re happy, they probably know someone else that you could also please.  If they say no, then move on.  Know that they’re lying, but move on.  If they say yes, then hand them a stack of your business cards or fliers and send them on their way.

We know. You’ve probably already identified a few satisfied clients you would like to approach. But how?  Allow Electrum Branding to assist you with developing the process for securing, creating, approving and maximizing customer testimonials in your branding efforts.  Don’t delay.  Carpe testimonium!