Electrum Branding has made BestDesigns.co’s list for the Best Creative Agencies in the U.S. that Translate Design into Business Success. According to a study, companies that foster creativity enjoy 1.5x greater market share. In response, BestDesigns.co compiled a list of the 30+ best creative design agencies in the U.S. based on a design agency rating platform.

“Although the majority of our clients are in the very traditional professional services arena, Electrum strives to feature  what sets them apart from the competition in a very creative way,” said Electrum founder and President Ellen Schlafer. “Fortunately, we have a wonderfully creative Art Director and a clever award-winning copywriter in our arsenal.”

For the past four years Electrum Branding has also been listed among the top advertising agencies in Fort Lauderdale by Expertise, an online resource where skilled professionals connect with people to share their expertise, understanding and insights.

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