We’ve packed away the costumes and brought out the ugly sweaters.  Pumpkins have been replaced with evergreens.  And, we’ve gone from eating our weight in miniature candy bars to making gluttons of ourselves as though turkey was only in season one week a year. Yes, it’s officially the holiday season!

Like clockwork, Santa’s elves have kicked it into high gear to miraculously fill “wish list” orders during a supply chain crisis. And, just like boys and girls everywhere, businesses are on their best behavior in hopes Santa will make their holiday wishes come true.

So, if you could set your bottom line on Santa’s lap, what would you ask him to give your business this year?


Cutting Edge Website

We are living in a high-tech culture where we think absolutely nothing of having a computer in our pocket that’s more powerful than the computers that took man to the moon.  So, when prospects visit your five-year-old website, they’re like kids who were expecting a Sony PlayStation 5 under the tree only to find Atari Pong. They won’t be happy.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Marketing

Parents of a certain age may remember the frustration of not being able to find a Cabbage Patch Kid, a Tickle Me Elmo, or an Xbox360 for their children, making Christmas the least wonderful time of the year.  Prospects who search for you online will experience the same frustration when your brand is MIA.  A comprehensive SEO and search marketing strategy will ensure that prospective customers can find you and everything they need for under the tree.  Joy to the world indeed!



No matter how compelling you make your website, brochures or other collateral material, people would prefer to watch a video to learn more about your products or services hands down. The same was true for bedtime stories when toymakers created Teddy Ruxpin, the first animatronic toy back in the 80s. Kids would rather be read to than read themselves.  Fortunately for brands, videos are proven to increase conversion rates, improve email open rates, and drive greater website traffic without the nightmare-inducing creepiness of Teddy.


Social Media

Be very careful here.  Asking for social media is like asking Santa for a doll.  A lackluster social media page without compelling content – or any content at all – is like a paper doll with only one outfit – and that outfit’s a school uniform.  Whereas a fully branded social media page with relevant, entertaining, and informative content, a focus on user engagement, continuous monitoring, and in-depth reporting is like getting a Fantasy Hair Barbie who lives in a 3-story DreamHouse with more Kens than she can juggle.


ADA-Compliant Website Accessibility

Granted there are more exciting items on your holiday wish list – but none will be as practical.  Although making your website comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act ranks right up there with finding socks and underwear under your tree, it’s just as necessary.  It can reduce your risk of an ADA-compliant lawsuit. It’s the right thing to do. It can drive more traffic to your website by making it more accessible. And, just like socks and underwear, our software solution is extremely affordable.


Can’t wait for Santa to deliver your holiday wish list?  You don’t have to.  Simply contact the elves at the Electrum Branding workshop for all the strategies to take your business to the top of the nice list!