A business’s website has quickly emerged as the face of the business. Often it is a website that makes the first impression, communicates the brand, develops leads and generates sales.

 So it’s critical that your website’s content be current and relevant to your audience. Its design must be responsive and mobile-friendly and, if you want your business to be found online, its content and design must be optimized for search.

With the average American spending 10 hours or more staring at a screen*, an effective branding campaign must include inbound media such as online banner ads, pay-per-click advertising, blogs, podcasts, social media networks, email marketing, and e-newsletters.

When managed properly, a digital marketing strategy can communicate with your prospects at every phase of the buying process. And, because digital branding can be so targeted, a digital campaign can get results for a fraction of a traditional media budget.

Don’t let your unfamiliarity with digital marketing keep you from experiencing the results your competition is enjoying. Allow the digital marketing consultants of Electrum Branding to devise your inbound strategy and stake your claim to valuable online real estate that’s right before your customers’ eyes.

*Nielsen Company Audience Report

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